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Social Marketing

Social marketing greatly impacts the way organizations communicate.

Mobile web usage has become a beneficial element in social marketing. Mobile web devices have numerous favorable social networking capabilities. Individuals can be instantly notified of any social networking updates, in real-time, thanks to advanced mobile social marketing. The consistent connection of social networking sites allows businesses to constantly remind and update followers about their products, services, importance and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows for a business to target a direct audience.

By distributing an email to a targeted group you can speak more directly to their needs. QR codes, social links, apps, photos, and other items can be included in your emails to heighten the use of mobile devices using your mobile site. Smartphones and electronic tablets also have the capability to redirect most inboxes from a traditional computer to a mobile device.

Search Marketing

Quickly search for something based on your current location and be connect instantaneously.

Search marketing makes it possible for consumers to find a business at the very moment they need that business. Any business can be at the right place, at the right time, as long as they have direct search marketing developed. Mobile devices allow consumers the convenience of immediately knowing where they are, finding what they're looking for, making a purchase, or locating others nearby.

Text Marketing

Up your sales numbers, create brand awareness and increase traffic to your business with text marketing.

People who voluntarily subscribe to your SMS, or Short Message Service, and marketing program do so because they believe in the product or service being marketed. Text marketing is concise and can be delivered in a timely fashion. With text marketing, it is simple to get a point across quickly and target a specific audience while doing so. Marketing text can also be used to build your email marketing list.

Google Places

Connect your businesses with local customers.

Google Places is a highly used tool for finding or identifying businesses while on the go, and allows all businesses to add photos, videos and offers to those who use the application. 

This valuable resource can be used side-by-side with augmented reality to show exactly where a business is located. While using a mobile app, users can also check in to a Google location and post it to social networking sites.

Local Marketing

Local marketing instantly adds value to any business.

By connecting a mobile program with a local marketing arsenal, any business will notice an increase in website traffic. Local mobile marketing can provide the background for an overall successful marketing plan.

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes, QR Codes, have achieved widespread use in the United States recently.

QR code usage is growing in popularity as the number of smart phones and electronic devices with internet access available to the market climbs. Any small QR code can direct a user directly to a mobile website, an email, instant message, or short message service.

A small, 2-dimensional QR code can direct a user directly to a mobile website, an email, instant message, or short message service. Strategists can incorporate business logos, different color schemes, graphics and personalization to make a QR code unique. This innovative technique can be used to increase traffic to your website using mobile devices.

Uses of QR Codes

The main use of QR codes is to increase traffic to a business' website.

This mobile marketing platform can offer a client an opportunity to be directed to their business website, email, IM, or SMS. Place a QR code on a billboard, business card, menu, t-shirt, or anything else to see an increase in website traffic. The practical applications for this medium are endless.